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Nathan Graham


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My background is about as far from law as you could imagine. A lifelong interest in car racing led me to a career in motorsport engineering. This career led to work experiences at some of the most famous racetracks and races throughout the US and Europe. It has also enabled me to work with, and learn from, some extremely talented and highly successful people in that industry.

However the demanding travel schedule and the lack of the quintessential kiwi lifestyle led me to refocus on more important things.  My wife Monica and I moved back to NZ and to her home town of Dunedin.

For several years I worked as a service manager for a local dealership and I was still involved in the professional motorsport scene throughout NZ. I was very busy but I felt that I needed an extra challenge. Engineering job offers in Auckland were turned down, as Dunedin is far too nice to leave. I was looking for something different.

A close friend of mine (a lawyer from a family of lawyers) suggested that if I wanted a challenge, as well as an interesting new career, then law is the only way to go.  Fast-forward to 2013 and I have since graduated, been admitted to the Bar and found myself practising at Goldsmith Law.

I have always enjoyed helping and dealing with people. My engineering career instilled in me a solid foundation of analytical and problem solving skills. I see these as invaluable attributes for any lawyer.

The team at Goldsmith Law functions at a high level of intellect and professionalism. These qualities are bookended by Fraser’s quirky appreciation of all things Citroen and by Kate’s high-spirited humour. I could not have found a better fit.